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Copy Complete MySQL database

February 22nd, 2013 No comments

Here are simple ways you can make a copy of a base in MySQL. It is essential that you have access to the command line.


  • create a database in which you want to transfer data via phpMyAdmin or a similar tool

  • From the console, execute the following command:

    mysqldump -h [server] -u [user] -p[password] db1 | mysql -h [server] -u [user] -p[password] db2

    Note that between -p and [password] no spaces.

    If the command is running in the system that is not password protected (typically servers on the local computer) parameter with a password can be omitted. These commands can be executed in two steps as follows:

    mysqldump -h [server] -u [user] -p[password] db1 > dump.sql
    mysql -h [server] -u [user] -p[password] db2 < dump.sql

    In this way he created mysqldump file that can be saved as a backup.

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